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200ml Tall Amber Plastic PET Bottles with Black Trigger Spray closures.
200ml Tall Amber Plastic PET Bottles with Black Trigger Spray closures.
200ml Tall Amber Plastic PET Bottles with Black Trigger Spray closures.

200ml Tall Amber Plastic PET Bottles with Black Trigger Spray closures.

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The Quality Pumps are made of PP (polypropylene) Plastic.

These classic, stylish bottles are brand new and sold empty, so you can fill/refill them with whatever you please. Perfect for holding personal care or grooming solutions, water/aromatherapy sprays or household/garden cleaning products.
Great for hair dressing sprays and water.
Ideal for use at home and in the salon/spa.

The PET plastic bottles and PP pumps can be hand-washed after use so can be used many times - thus cutting down on plastic waste.

The amber plastic bottles are ideal for use in the bathroom, cloakroom, at home and away. 

The PET bottles are also recyclable, lightweight, shatterproof and eco-friendly. Created using state-of-the-art stretch blow moulding processes, it produces a high gloss, flawless finish bottle manufactured with precision and accuracy.

The dip tube comes as a standard length which you may need to cut to the length you require for your bottle. Tube can easily be snipped to required length with a pair of sharp scissors.

Capacity; 200ml
Neck size; 24mm/ 410
Material; PET plastic
Colour; Amber
Bottom shape; round
Diameter; 46.5mm
Height (ex. cap); 153mm
Weight; 21g

Avalon Cosmetic Packaging are a family run company based in Somerset. We stock a large range of Aromatherapy bottles, jars and closures - Please visit our storefront for more information. Our extensive range of pharmaceutical grade containers and industry standard jars and bottles are designed for product protection and maximum safety.
Whether you have highly concentrated aromatherapy blends, essential oils, skin care products and medicines; we have the packaging you need here. Our containers offer reassurance for both you and your customers, and ensure that your products are protected during storage and whilst in transit.

TEST YOUR PACKAGING GUIDELINES We assume no responsibility for product compatibility. We strongly recommend that you test the packaging and closure provided with your product to ensure suitability and performance. We endeavour to offer only the best quality dispensing solutions. As our specialty is packaging, we are not experts in product formulation and cannot be aware of all the properties in your product. Different combinations of ingredients, including active ingredients and oils can react with certain plastics and cause problems with packaging. Please test all packaging with your product to ensure compatibility with all containers and closures. You need to test all packaging with your product and subject it to the circumstances that you intend the finished product to endure.