Collection: Wide Mouth Glass Pill Jars

Wide mouth glass pill jars are increasingly popular, as people use them as eco-friendly refillable jars for the home.

Here are some ideas for use:

- storage jars for dried goods (rice, flour, sugar etc)

- spa jars for bath salts, mini bath bombs and more

- pickling jars for vegetables, sauerkraut etc

- stash jars for herbs, spices, tobacco etc

- display jars for beach shell finds, curiosities etc

- craft storage jars for buttons, beads, matches, brooches, crayons, artist pencils etc

- pill, herbal supplement capsule and tablet jars

Our wide mouth jars are available in 60ml, 120ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes. Sold empty, these useful jars come with either a black or aluminum airtight lid.

The jars are available in either clear or amber glass.

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