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Avalon Cosmetic Packaging

Clear Wide Mouth Glass Pill Jars with Aluminum Lids

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Clear Glass Wide-Mouth Pill Jars with Airtight Brushed Aluminum Lids.

  • These jars would be perfect as trendy storage jars for sweets, candy, herbs and spices, powders as well as pills and vitamins!
  • Wide mouth jars also lend themselves well to being flower vases, so why not use them to brighten up a window ledge?
  • Also useful as craft jars, they could be filled with beads, buttons, sequins, eco-glitter, pigments and powder paints.
  • Ideal for bath salts and personal grooming products.
  • The jars are supplied empty and "naked", so you can decorate and label them yourself.
  • Lids: The pharmaceutical-grade aluminum lids are lined inside with an EPE disc liner to give a good airtight seal, thus keeping the contents fresher for longer!
  • These UK manufactured glass jars are recyclable and refillable, and are made from 45% recycled glass.

60ml Dimensions: Height with Lid 76mm, Base Diameter 43mm , Neck Diameter 38mm . Lid Type: R3/38
120ml Dimensions: Height with Lid 95mm, Base Diameter 53mm, Neck Diameter 38mm. Lid Type: R3/38
250ml Dimensions: Height with Lid 120mm, Base Diameter 60mm, Neck Diameter 48mm. Lid Type: R3/48
500ml Dimensions: Height with Lid 155mm, Base Diameter 74mm, Neck Diameter 58mm. Lid Type: R3/58

Avalon Cosmetic Packaging are a family run UK company based in Somerset. We stock a large range of Aromatherapy bottles, jars and closures.

TEST YOUR PACKAGING GUIDELINES We assume no responsibility for product compatibility. We strongly recommend that you test the packaging and closure provided with your product to ensure suitability and performance. We endeavor to offer only the best quality dispensing solutions. As our specialty is packaging, we are not experts in product formulation and cannot be aware of all the properties in your product. Different combinations of ingredients, including active ingredients and oils can react with certain plastics and cause problems with packaging. Please test all packaging with your product to ensure compatibility with all containers and closures. You need to test all packaging with your product and subject it to the circumstances that you intend the finished product to endure.