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Avalon Cosmetic Packaging

GL18mm Black Tamper Evident Glass Pipettes

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Size of Pipette
Our Black Tamper Evident Pipettes fit our 18mm neck glass dropper bottles. Available in sizes from 5 ml - 100 ml.
The GL18mm Glass Pipette features a flexible black rubber bulb and black ribbed collar with tamper resistant band. The pipette is great way of dispensing just the right amount of product, slowly and accurately. Suitable for essential and carrier oils, massage oils, fragrances, skin and health care products. 
Measurement Length of Glass Tube 
5 ml - 44 mm
10 ml - 59 mm
15 ml - 63 mm
20 ml - 72 mm
25/30 ml - 77 mm
50 ml - 89 mm
100 ml - 105 mm

TEST YOUR PACKAGING GUIDELINES; We assume no responsibility for product compatibility. We strongly recommend that you test the packaging and closure provided with your product to ensure suitability and performance. We endeavour to offer only the best quality dispensing solutions. As our specialty is packaging, we are not experts in product formulation and cannot be aware of all the properties in your product. Different combinations of ingredients, including active ingredients and oils can react with certain plastics and cause problems with packaging. Please test all packaging with your product to ensure compatibility with all containers and closures. You need to test all packaging with your product and subject it to the circumstances that you intend the finished product to endure.