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Avalon Cosmetic Packaging

50ml Clear Glass Bottles with Gold/White Glass Pipettes

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50ml Clear Glass Bottles with Gold/White Glass Pipette

  • Pharmaceutical quality amber glass bottles and dropper pipettes
  • Cosmetic grade dropper pipette with shiny gold collar and white silicone bulb.  Stylish and on-trend. The contrast between the clear glass and the metallic cosmetic dropper creates a beautiful aesthetic.
  • A must for anyone interested in natural health and aromatherapy. Suitable for essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, CBD oil, chemical and pharmaceutical products, massage oils, fragrances, skin and health care products and even foodstuffs. Could also be used to store inks and dyes.
  • Perfect travel/holiday/sample sized bottles.
  • A quality bottle, perfect for reusing time and time again.
  • The bottles are recyclable and refillable.
  • Heat Resistant
  • Height: 115mm; Diameter: 37mm; Neck Size: 18mm; Weight: 66g