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Avalon Cosmetic Packaging

30ml Amber Glass Bottles with Silver/White Treatment Pump and Clear Overcap

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30ml Amber Glass Bottles with Gold/White Treatment Pump with Clear Overcap

  • Avalon Glass Bottles with Treatment Pumps can be used for a wide variety of chemical, pharmaceutical, therapeutic and personal uses. It produces a small dose of product, and is ideal for products such as serum, foundation, moisturizers and more. The pump dosage is 0.4ml.
  • Amber offers effective protection against UV light, making this the ideal choice for light sensitive products.
  • Cosmetic grade treatment pump with metallic collar.  Stylish and on-trend. The contrast between the amber glass and the metallic cosmetic pump creates a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Travel Sized: Bottles hold up to 30ml, making them airport compliant and travel safe. The clear protective over cap helps protect the pump from accidents.
  • Sustainable Living: Our Bottles are BPA-Free, Refillable, Recyclable and Reusable.
  • The dip tube on the pump has a standard length of 100mm (10cm) so may seem a little long for this bottle. Please cut to the length you require for your bottle, simply snip off the tube with sharp scissors.
  • A quality bottle, perfect for reusing time and time again.The bottles are recyclable and refillable.
  • Heat Resistant
  • Height: 117mm; Diameter: 32mm; Neck Size: 18mm; Weight: 51g